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Ankara Domestic and International Airport
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'Ankara Domestic and International Airport'
Ankara, Turkey

Glass is everywhere in the new terminal of Esenboga airport in Ankara: on outside surfaces (roofs and façades), in balustrades, elevator structures and partitions. Glaverbel (now AGC Flat Glass) delivered 55.000 sqm of glass (20.500 sqm for roof glazing - 35.000 sqm for facade glazing).

The roof glass combination is DGU 6 mm Sunergy Green, dot printed (30% density) and toughened + 12 mm airspace + 66.2 laminated low-E.

The vision glass is DGU 6 mm Planibel Green toughened + 12 mm airspace + 44.2 laminated Low-E.

Through local processing by Yorim Glass (Istanbul) and service based procurement, the logistics of the project ran smoothly. The construction finished one year ahead of schedule.

It is a unique project in Turkey. The construction area is 182.000 sqm. Ten million passengers pass through the airport every year.

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