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Product information:
STOPRAYSoft-coated single glazing offering thermal insulation and maximum solar protection.
STOPSOLReflecting, hard-coated glass providing solar protection.
SUNERGYNeutral, hard-coated single glazing offering solar protection and good thermal insulation.
PLANIBEL CLEARClear float glass available in thicknesses from 2 to 25mm. Available in clear, extra-clear and Linea Azzura (very light bluish tint).
PLANIBEL COLOUREDTinted float glass. Very wide range available in various thicknesses and colours (bronze, grey, green, PrivaBlue, Dark Blue, azur).
PLANIBEL LOW-ELow emissivity glass offering superb thermal insulation. The Planibel range includes Planibel G, Top N and Energy N. All three have a toughenable version.
STRATOBELLaminated safety/security glass with PVB interlayer(s). Stratobel can be made from any Glaverbel float glass, including Stopray, Sunergy and Stopsol.
STRATOPHONELaminated safety/security glass with special PVB interlayer(s) offering enhanced acoustic protection.
PYROBEL-PYROBELITELaminated fire-resistant glass.
IMAGINPatterned glass with a design printed onto one or both sides of a clear, bronze or yellow sheet of glass. Can be used in decorative and architectural applications.
LACOBELPlanibel float glass coated with a high quality paint.
LACOMATPlanibel clear float glass coated on one side with a matt finish paint.
MATELUXPlanibel float glass, one side of which has a high quality acid-etched finish.
MIROX MNGECopper- and lead free environmentally friendly corrosion-resistant mirror.
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